Saturday, July 11, 2009

Faithful Reward

So faithful and so wonderful,
You answer all my prayers;
You know mine each requirement,
You tend to all my cares;
and those ‘desires’ of my heart
that only You can know,
in Your perfect timing, such
provision You bestow!

To justify such treatment, there’s
no thing that I can do.
It is grace alone, oh Lord,
from You and only You!
Said favor is not based upon
my worthiness at all.
Again, it be due grace alone
when Jesus’ Name I call!

Faithful and so wonderful
You are and You will be!
And it is my desire, precious
righteousness, to see!
Righteousness You are and I
desire so to be,
not for to impress You, oh,
but more of You to see!

There is oh so much to see, hear, feel, do, and desire in this world. Nothing on that list has so great a reward or impact than to know Jesus and seek that which He provides!
Please realize this and avoid ‘chasing the wind.’

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