Friday, July 17, 2009

Can you handle that?

At times, I will get my pen and instead of composing, I will be 'recording.' I do so as fast as I can, and here is what I received this morning...

"I see that you have gathered. Why? You have a formula. You have a way. Cast all that you have expected aside right now. Prepare to receive what you cannot fathom!
Yes, there is a way…Yes, there is a will… but it is MINE!
Can you handle that?
My way is beyond imagination. My way is far superior! My way is greater and above anything you know!!
Can you handle that?
You have been through the valley. You have been to the mountain. You have been to the desert. What did you learn? Have you learned to dread each one? Then you missed it!
I would rather you learn that whatever the environs be, I AM there with you, faithfully! And I have something there for you to learn. Something positive, something beneficial!
Beyond all ‘formula,’ I AM!
Can you handle that?"

May the words of the Spirit minister to all us!

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