Friday, July 31, 2009

Psalm 122:6

"Jerusalem, Jerusalem!
Thy favor unexcelled!
Prayers for thee be unconstrained;
petitions be compelled!
The Holiest protecting thee,
His intimacy known;
all creation wonders when
thine eyes will come to own.
O realize His favor,
behold His arms' support!
For all the years continues He
to woo thee and to court.
Art thou any different
than each and all of us?
But see the time and means that,
over thee He makes such fuss!

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
the nations look to thee:
the cornerstone of history,
the base of prophecy.
We pray for thine abundance
that we may prosper, too.
We pray for thine assurance
in moments overdue.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Touching where none other can,
One more than any other man
embraces, heals, advances, calls,
in spite of all and any walls.
Any man that shall believe,
the very same, he shall receive
favor--and that not of man--
it is of a Supernal plan!
For even when that touch refused,
patience is divinely used
to see fruition of that Plan
and reach the most austere of man!
Affording every opportune
be Patience; but its end be soon.
That Touch and all that it be for,
just like this life, shall be no more?

Yes, there shall be a point when That Touch shall be removed. No man knows the hour.
Do not refuse The Touch of God. Get personal.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Overcoming Love

So often, words are written about something or for someone with little intention of the pen to glorify God. Afterwards, upon reflection, the same words apply perfectly to Him Who gifts the writer!
Said scenario refers to the following words. A lady asked me to write something for her special son, something that would tell him just how much he means to her. Whenever I am asked to do such, I ask the person to write about a dozen single words that describe their feelings. The words that she chose were quite deep and intimate. After I prayed about it, the Holy Spirit filled in the blanks.
Here is the finished product...

Will you ever understand
the love I have for you?
Or how much I appreciate
the many things you do?
The way I feel while holding you
and whispering "my son?"
In this blessed walk of life
you make me skip and run!

And grateful to the Father am I
that you are my son!
I've come to learn, since I have you,
His holy will be done.
As long as I accept and love you
just the way you are,
there is nothing that we cannot do,
no terminus too far!
And to those destinations,
by our love, do we traverse.
We've overcome so much so far,
that nothing is adverse!
And nothing lies ahead that we,
together, cannot face!
You and I and God Most High:
patience, love and grace!

Being over 15 years from that conversation, I can see how these words refer to the relationship that I have with Jesus!
Is your relationship with Him as intimate?

Friday, July 24, 2009


Would you recognize Jesus on the street? Are you sure? There was a song in '70's asking that very question. Later, in 1988, there was a TV show in which the title character showed up in situations and blessed, protected or led people, and then disappeared.
If you were looking for Jesus, what would you look for?
I looked at such through Jesus' eyes and wrote

"You see me out there on the street
every single day.
Do you hear me calling out
as you go your way?
Most of those who hear my cry
just shake their heads at me;
and those who feel compassionate
let fear outweigh the plea.
All the day I think of someone
stopping, reaching out,
freely offering to me
that touch I am without.
I have so much to say to them,
and so much more to give;
I know so many things that would
help them to better live!
For I am from another place
that most know little of,
where no one hurts each other,
and compassion reigns with Love.
And all that I can do for them
is keep on reaching out
continually offering
that touch they are without."

Have you seen Him lately? What did He look like? Did you even try to find out?


"Thank You, Father, that I can see!"
How many folks take that for granted?
Not this writer! As I look around, I realize just how gifted I am to declare
Across the miles, I can see
a solitary hill.
There, upon the crest of it,
a cross is standing still.
There is no one on that cross
because HE IS ALIVE!
Due to the scenario
the Father did contrive!
He is alive in majesty,
in power and in love;
and biddeth He, to such as we,
with Him to rise above.
He bore the cross, He bore the Stripes,
He bore the awful shame,
just so He could enable us,
if so, to do the same.

So, since He has gone through it all,
and in our hearts He lives,
We can now face anything
that this old world gives!
He is no longer on that cross,
He is alive in power;
seated at the Father's right,
waiting for The Hour!

Can YOU see it with me?
So very fortunate you are, as well!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Raging Storm

Have you ever been in one?
Does the 'storm' always refer to the 'weather?'
All of life contains storms. And whether it a physical storm, an emotional storm, or a meteorologic event, Jesus is the answer!

Tough the storm rages, the blest Rock of Ages-
He shall be my harbor of rest.
To it I retreat, and there, at His feet,
I'm strengthened, protected and blest!
Though I be assailed, yet never has failed
the shelter I find in the Rock;
through every gale I hide in the veil
and there I can weather the shock!
So if you be tossed, the storms to accost,
call Him Whom the winds do obey.
His Name is The Lord. To you, He'll afford
what's needed to weather each day!

Trust Jesus. He rides above the storm, and He invites us to ride with Him!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


For we are an investment--
His passion be instilled!
The old man that once was, he is
deceased, the same be killed!
Life anew from Him Who is
so mighty for to save,
and now, His own possession has
much greater for to crave!

Death unto the former things
and life forevermore!
Whatever be left in the past,
far greater He'll restore!
Not a thing be worthy of
whatever He shall bring!
Unto the stellar promises
but surely will I cling!!

Then death be but a shadow, yea,
and life to overtake!!
Life that be eternal, life
that not a thing may shake!
The greatest of return for that
so great a sacrifice!
And that, not of our own, but
God the Father's own devise!

"Father, thank You for never giving up on Your investment!"

Monday, July 20, 2009


A higher realm.
A greater call, greater cause.
There is more than this life.
There is certainly more than "8-5," but if that is all I am living for, I am of all men most miserable!
Sure, the "9-5" is a necessity in this life, but it is not ALL!
I have to have a greater motive...

Approach again the working day,
but surely not alone.
If God indwells the employee
His Presence will be known!
Even in the most diverse
of labor situation,
the man of God, he seems to have
a greater of relation.

Are you of the number dreading the tasks at hand? Are you only there because of a paycheck? What kind of reward is that?! What kind motive is that?! A very old saying rings true in many a situation, especially work:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Can you handle that?

At times, I will get my pen and instead of composing, I will be 'recording.' I do so as fast as I can, and here is what I received this morning...

"I see that you have gathered. Why? You have a formula. You have a way. Cast all that you have expected aside right now. Prepare to receive what you cannot fathom!
Yes, there is a way…Yes, there is a will… but it is MINE!
Can you handle that?
My way is beyond imagination. My way is far superior! My way is greater and above anything you know!!
Can you handle that?
You have been through the valley. You have been to the mountain. You have been to the desert. What did you learn? Have you learned to dread each one? Then you missed it!
I would rather you learn that whatever the environs be, I AM there with you, faithfully! And I have something there for you to learn. Something positive, something beneficial!
Beyond all ‘formula,’ I AM!
Can you handle that?"

May the words of the Spirit minister to all us!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Send me to the vision

Oh, but what about that vision
that cannot be seen?
What of that spectacular
contained in hidden scene?
What of that so beautiful
that word cannot contain,
that, even highest angels, they
would dare not to explain?!

Then how can I so question such
if it were not revealed?
Many mysteries remain,
but not all concealed.
If God be witness of a servant
with a yielded heart,
glimpses of His glory, of
a truth, will He impart!
This a proven truth as we
are privy unto such!
Thus are we to boldly go
as we're enlightened much;
taking His Light everlasting
to a world so dark
with knowledge of a better Place--
oh Lord, direct our bark!

LOOK FOR IT!! If God realizes you are serious about it, He will reveal glimpses of glory to YOUR spirit!
What are looking with?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Faithful Reward

So faithful and so wonderful,
You answer all my prayers;
You know mine each requirement,
You tend to all my cares;
and those ‘desires’ of my heart
that only You can know,
in Your perfect timing, such
provision You bestow!

To justify such treatment, there’s
no thing that I can do.
It is grace alone, oh Lord,
from You and only You!
Said favor is not based upon
my worthiness at all.
Again, it be due grace alone
when Jesus’ Name I call!

Faithful and so wonderful
You are and You will be!
And it is my desire, precious
righteousness, to see!
Righteousness You are and I
desire so to be,
not for to impress You, oh,
but more of You to see!

There is oh so much to see, hear, feel, do, and desire in this world. Nothing on that list has so great a reward or impact than to know Jesus and seek that which He provides!
Please realize this and avoid ‘chasing the wind.’

Friday, July 10, 2009


The valley is over...oh, what fruit!
The desert was bearable--with His strength.
And now, once more,

How high again the mountain?
It does not matter, though.
There be an Escort to that place,
all landscape He to know.
And I know what awaits there:
fruits from labor's climb!
Rest and restoration,
reward and even rhyme.

Just how high is your mountain?
Who escorts you there?
Is it Jesus? Of each step
He fully is aware!
Ask Him to accompany,
to lead you and to guide,
then, unto the mountain, say
"I will not be denied!"

Don't let mere landscape prevent you from moving forward. See and know the Presence of God with You and move on!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Day is done. So oft have I thought about the end of it. Not that it has been a 'bad' day, but I have longed so to be in His Presence!
Ahhh, at last...

Out beneath the stars,
nothing to distract;
prayers more since?
Verses more exact?
Here to realize the level
of dependency
on the only One to know
the verses that will be!

Here to know embrace...
here to savor grace...
here to see His face
far beyond mere 'trace.'

Out beneath the stars,
distraction not at all!
Pure obedience
unto the greatest Call!
Can it be 'obedience'
with so great a reward?
Oh, what precious canopy
with Jesus Christ, my Lord!

GO THERE! Find that necessary escape containing only Jesus and You! Spend time there! It is absolutely necessary!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Consider my affliction, Lord,
be merciful, I pray;
I am trusting in You only,
oh, the crimson Way!

Consider my affliction, Lord,
but later, I hear birds.
Their song, their conversation,
far more lovely than my words!

Consider my affliction, Lord,
Wait! Look across the fields!
I so love Your creation, Lord,
and everything it yields!

Consider my affliction, Lord...
but You already do,
or You would not provide escape
in all the ways You do!

"Lord, I know that You are aware of all that I am going through. You love me too much to make the rough road permanent, and You are too merciful to allow me to focus only on the problem.


Monday, July 6, 2009


I thank God that my list of praise reports is longer than my list of prayer requests.
How often is that true with everyday conversation? How often do we speak of how bad things are going in the other people, instead of pointing out the good in them?
Am I alone in this?
(Did I just do that very thing? Did I defeat the purpose of my own message?)
Look at the Lord's Prayer. The Lord starts out by exalting the Holiness of Our Father, the the wonder of His Kingdom, THEN requests are made. After requests, right back into glorifying God! Two-thirds of His prayer is praise! I want to be like that!
How about you?

In HIS Service with a heart filled with praise,

Saturday, July 4, 2009


One late afternoon, as I studied a photo of the Statue of Liberty, I was so moved emotionally that I allowed my pen to speak for me...

Monolith of masonry,
sentinel on crimson canvas solely;
some would see a god of concrete
whence a nation cries out "holy, holy!"
But a symbol of a nation
under God, for which said 'idol' stands?
But say, is it an 'idol,' that erected
by the long dead's weary hands'?

More violent, the shades of dusk--
like that which yonder tower represents;
spilt so very long ago,
yet so alive, the journal of events!
Written on the hearts of men,
punctuated by the pillars yon'
to silence even quill and tongue
that cling to all they can before they're gone.

"Monolith of masonry
in a skyline storied and revered,
stand in serenity and strength
in sight of One alone to be so feared!"

Can you see it with the writer? Look with the eyes of the spirit upon New York harbor and thank God Most High for the Independence that we yet are blessed with!