Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ups & Downs

Walking with God.
Do you enjoy it?
Is it always enjoyable?
Nor is it supposed to be!
Talking with some, it sounds like God "owes" them only time on the mountaintops! A good time!
As stated below, the mountaintop is wonderful and refreshing, but you must climb to get there.
Climbing takes effort. It is often very fatiguing! Most make no mention of that.
And what about the valley? How many do you hear mention with joy their time "in the valley?"
I have said it before, "the mountaintops are wonderful, but the fruit grows in the valley."

Make haste unto the valley
whence growth is sure to be.
The mountaintops are wonderful,
so very much to see!
But growth inside the vale assures
maturing for ascent;
and great is the reward for time
inside the valley spent!

Wanna grow?

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