Friday, June 19, 2009


I am so blessed to know God in such a way that I do not see Him as "rigid." Too many people I meet do see Him as such.
Just this morning, He surprised my wife and I with a blessing that we never even fathomed! As Debby opened the front door, there stood my son and daughter!! They drove all they way up here from Florida overnight! What a blessing!
Do you know God this way? You should! He is available to be this personal to you!
What stops you from knowing Him like this? I promise you it is not Him! Whatever it is that prevents you, it is a learned behavior or an attitude on your part. Being such, it is something that YOU CAN change! For it is His desire that you know Him better!
GO FOR IT! He is right there with open arms and a smile on His face saying "Come!"
At church, we have a painting of Jesus that we sometimes use as a background for songs or sermons. In the painting, Jesus is holding a fishing net over His shoulder; the other hand is bidding us to come, and He has a huge smile on His face...almost laughter. An older gentleman approached me one Sunday when I was in the sound booth and said "Get that photo off the wall! That ain't my Jesus!" Well it needs to be!! This man had the mindset that Jesus was always all business, no fun! This is not MY Jesus! My Jesus walks with me, laughs with me, smiles with me, He joins me while I'm fishing, He slaps my back at "the one that got away..." and, yes, He is here right now rejoicing with us that my kids are here!
(And, too, He IS right here during the opposite times.)
Are you In such a relationship with Jesus?
What are YOU waiting for?

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