Saturday, June 27, 2009


Father God is so generous!
One of my problems is that whenever I receive or lose something, I try to figure out "Why?" That does not work with God! There is a single reason that He gives: He loves us!

You share with me things that are
too great to understand;
the clouds upon the rise react
unto Your guiding hand...
You whisper, and the world moves
too fast to comprehend...
the fascination that You are
can never have an end!

You share with me things that are
impossible to know:
the matrix of a butterfly...
a single flake of snow...
a single strand of DNA...
the movement of the ocean...
and what cannot be understood:
the wonder of emotion.

You share with me that which only
You alone provide:
the precious blessing of my wife,
come from my own side...
the greatest blessing of Yourself,
come in Jesus Christ...
the promise of eternal life
in Him sacrificed!

You share with me more than I
could ever understand!
This life is but a whisper in light
of what You have spanned!
You are beyond the limits man
could ever come to know,
but in Your mercy and You allow us
opportune to know!

Stop trying to figure God out and just enjoy the wonder that He is!

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