Monday, June 8, 2009


"I am the righteousness of God,"
would He call me the same?
But not until I realize
the depth of my own shame.
Not to dwell upon the same,
but own it and move on,
as once I ask for His forgiveness,
sin's forever gone!

Oh, the righteousness of God,
my passion for to be!
There be no way to 'earn' the same,
it's part of victory!
Victory in Jesus as
He dwells so deep within,
victory as I depart
the follies of my sin!

The blessed righteousness of God
I am in Christ alone!
He took up residence within,
my vices to atone!
No other worth containing,
no talents I to bring;
the song of sweet salvation I,
but ever I, shall sing!

Do not live in the past...for there is no future in it! Once you take your sins to the Cross, leave them there! God has an awesome ability that I wish I had: once I ask for grace, He FORGETS my sin! It's yet one more facet of Him that is beyond my grasp!

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