Monday, June 1, 2009


Is it? There are quite a few folks that would delete this message as soon as they read my enthusiasm!! For some, this Monday is only capitalized by pain and discouragement. Such was my heart focused on as I sat outside a little while ago observing the dawn that God created.
It is my prayer that these words might lift them a little:

Once more in the valley
with a faithful Friend.
However deep, however long,
His Presence will not end.
There is life here in abundance
and vestiges of death;
but, through it all, my faithful Friend
supplies with living breath.

The valley is extended,
I shall not be moved.
I shall be escorted as
He tells me I'm approved.
I'm steadied in a favor
none else may recognize;
reestablished as we look
into each others' eyes.

The valley is not permanent
His countenance affirms.
And there are greater promises
according to His terms!
Foremost: His certain Presence in
a place I barely see.
Wherever is the valley
Jesus Christ will also be.

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