Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's all YOU!

Desperation. Is it unknown to you? How can one fully appreciate the wonders of God lest be visited that place where they are not? For in that place, one truly realizes that

"You are the lifter of my soul,

I shall not be let down...

The countenance, Lord, of my heart,
in You, shall never frown...
You elevate the innermost
unto a higher plane...
You scatter every enemy
and victories remain!

You are my transportation as
You raise me up on high;
I trust in You alone, as You
enable me to fly
above the hurt, above the pain,
above the deepest vale;
You are the only vehicle
that CANNOT ever fail!

You are my elevation--
situations matter not!
Above whatever enemy,
a platform You have wrought!
Availed to the righteous--them
that trust in only You:
for there will You restore Your own,
all faculties renew!

You are all restoration to
the body, spirit, soul,
and there is not another source
I seek for to be whole!"

Have you realized this yet?

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