Tuesday, June 23, 2009


"How are you today?"
"Is everything alright?"
"Is there anything I can do?"

How many of us ask those questions honestly? Too often, it is just a flippant statement, not a genuine concern.
I ask that of someone, and if they give an honest reply, I suddenly realize that I really don't have time to listen. God forgive me!
I was at a prayer meeting this morning. One of the regulars was there and voiced his concerns. Something was wrong, though. He just did not look like himself. He appeared to be "going downhill."
Did I invest the time to talk to his heart? No. And here I am going through the morning, my heart plaguing me with guilt!
Hang on while I go call him...

How far am I willing to go...
how much do I want to know...
how deep is genuine concern...
why do these questions so burn?

"My Father, forgive me once more.
That passion inside me restore!
A love so much deeper than word,
inside of my heart be occurred!
You know more than any other
just how much I care for my brother!
If it is no deeper than speech,

than nowhere at all will it reach!
Oh, once again, give me YOUR heart,
so that Your life I may impart.
I cannot have any affect
unless Your ways I would reflect!
In JESUS Name,

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