Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Remember a few months back?
I was writing about my first ice storm.
I had always been told that it is better to be cold, "because you can always put more clothing on." Once more, I am leaning toward such reasoning. I don't know about where you are, but we are breaking all sorts of heat records around here. It's miserable!! And there is only so much you can "take off" when it's this hot!
I can take my complaint to God, but He already knows about it. Yes, He will listen intently. Too, He will always make a way of escape. Often, that 'way' is not always pleasing.
Usually, the best I can do immediately is cling to His promises. There is a place awaiting some that will not be affected by weather. Everything will be perfect There! There is another place ahead that will be hotter than what we are going through right now! I am sure that I won't be there!! How about you? Are you sure of your destination ahead? You can be! The blood of Jesus has secured a place for you in that Perfect Place. All you must do is ask Him to be your Lord and Savior!
Too many folks I hear think that they must 'get right' first and then call on Jesus. The very opposite is true! Does it make sense to 'get cleaned up' before you take a shower? No! It's the same principle with God! Just go to Him the way you are and He will do what needs to done in you! All you must do is give Him your heart and avail yourself to His ways.

So what will your eternity be? Smoking or non-smoking?

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