Friday, June 12, 2009


I started the day out watching the beauty and the wonder of the thunderstorm. Then I turned the news on and saw the flooding and tornadoes in other parts of the country. Are they standing in wonder or running for their lives?!
So what do I write about?
I remember sitting in mom & dad's front yard one evening watching the lightning. I ignored mom's concerns and stayed there. Later that night, I heard mom yell "EVERYBODY TO THE SHOWERS!!" Moments later, those two shower stalls were all that were left of their home!
So what do I write about?
How about if I write about the LIFE that came from that DISASTER? As I reflect on all of the changes that came from that storm, I am almost hesitant to call it a "disaster."
That was almost 10 years ago. Yes, "disasters" have been since then. And in each one, I can look back and see the life changes that prevailed. Some not visible to the naked eye. Some still happening. Some changes were and are very painful, but the blessings are in sight!
Is there a storm in front of you?
What do you see?
What are you looking at?
What should I write about....

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