Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Being Like Him

Not another.
There is none like Jesus. But WE can be Christ-like. In fact, those in the early church were referred to as "little Christs." Would we be referred to as such, being seen and heard? Would THIS WRITER be referred to as such by those close to him? OUCH!

My Jesus, more than ever now,
we need to be like You;
to learn to treat the ones about us
just like You would do;
help us to treat each situation,
oh Lord, as You would;
and, in it, let our attitude
be just what it should.
The prophet said that there was nothing
new beneath the sun;
nothing comes into our lives
that hasn't yet been done.
Then surely, Lord, You know the pain
that mere man can impose;
so, Father, come and cultivate
that ground where healing grows.
Surely, we are violated
in this life by sin,
by willingness of someone else,
or selfishness within;
and, though the ones who sin against us
sometimes stand so proud,
cause us to have an attitude
where sin won't be allowed.
Surely, You will recompense
the ones who need it, Lord,
but come to us, Lord, even now
that we may be restored.
For only You, Lord, truly know
that pain we sometimes feel;
grant unto us Your spirit, Lord,
to You we so appeal!

God is faithful! Draw nigh to Him and He will draw nigh to you! He knows what You can and cannot handle, and He desires you to call on Him for help!

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