Friday, June 5, 2009

All Glory Is...

Look around...
Can you conclude from the vision that Jesus is?
As You see, hear and feel your world, can you deduce that He is in control? Are you even looking for the correct signs?
If you are assuming that Jesus is near because everything is coming up roses, you are missing so very much!!

All glory is as Jesus comes
and tarries yet once more.
We celebrate together as
He takes me to the shore.
In conversing with the Savior
nothing is held back
as, in living for the same,
nothing does one lack!

All glory is as Jesus walks
beside me on the shore.
The ocean celebrates His grace,
His glory to adore!
The constancy of movement,
discussion and the breeze
between the waves, the flying birds,
and the swaying trees!

All glory is as Jesus leaves
ascending 'yond the veil.
In His wake, serenity
and love that cannot fail!
His peace--for it is sustenance
until, again, we meet,
until I call His holy Name,
our love to, there, repeat!

Yes, beyond visible creation, the love of Jesus is so present! Are you open to the affection that He has for you?

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