Monday, June 29, 2009

Growing up

When does it get easier?
Why is my whole life affected by one single tear?
She is so successful where she is. I am unsuccessful leaving her there.
I am having trouble seeing her into young adulthood and not the youth group.
Will I ever see her as the successful career woman she has become and not my little girl?
Did my parents have these feelings? How did they mask them so well? Which one of us needs to grow up?

Look With More!

Oh, there is a place that is so beautiful that we cannot see it with our eyes. Often, I wonder if it is because it is just hidden from sight, or is it too beautiful for earthly sight to behold?

Where vision is unknown
glory sets the tone;
sight is yet availed
in ways that are unfailed!
Life is present there
so absolutely rare!
To them that often go,
a sight familiar, though.

Are you of that number?
Let SIGHT not encumber!
See with more than eyes—
what glory realize!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ups & Downs

Walking with God.
Do you enjoy it?
Is it always enjoyable?
Nor is it supposed to be!
Talking with some, it sounds like God "owes" them only time on the mountaintops! A good time!
As stated below, the mountaintop is wonderful and refreshing, but you must climb to get there.
Climbing takes effort. It is often very fatiguing! Most make no mention of that.
And what about the valley? How many do you hear mention with joy their time "in the valley?"
I have said it before, "the mountaintops are wonderful, but the fruit grows in the valley."

Make haste unto the valley
whence growth is sure to be.
The mountaintops are wonderful,
so very much to see!
But growth inside the vale assures
maturing for ascent;
and great is the reward for time
inside the valley spent!

Wanna grow?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's all YOU!

Desperation. Is it unknown to you? How can one fully appreciate the wonders of God lest be visited that place where they are not? For in that place, one truly realizes that

"You are the lifter of my soul,

I shall not be let down...

The countenance, Lord, of my heart,
in You, shall never frown...
You elevate the innermost
unto a higher plane...
You scatter every enemy
and victories remain!

You are my transportation as
You raise me up on high;
I trust in You alone, as You
enable me to fly
above the hurt, above the pain,
above the deepest vale;
You are the only vehicle
that CANNOT ever fail!

You are my elevation--
situations matter not!
Above whatever enemy,
a platform You have wrought!
Availed to the righteous--them
that trust in only You:
for there will You restore Your own,
all faculties renew!

You are all restoration to
the body, spirit, soul,
and there is not another source
I seek for to be whole!"

Have you realized this yet?


Father God is so generous!
One of my problems is that whenever I receive or lose something, I try to figure out "Why?" That does not work with God! There is a single reason that He gives: He loves us!

You share with me things that are
too great to understand;
the clouds upon the rise react
unto Your guiding hand...
You whisper, and the world moves
too fast to comprehend...
the fascination that You are
can never have an end!

You share with me things that are
impossible to know:
the matrix of a butterfly...
a single flake of snow...
a single strand of DNA...
the movement of the ocean...
and what cannot be understood:
the wonder of emotion.

You share with me that which only
You alone provide:
the precious blessing of my wife,
come from my own side...
the greatest blessing of Yourself,
come in Jesus Christ...
the promise of eternal life
in Him sacrificed!

You share with me more than I
could ever understand!
This life is but a whisper in light
of what You have spanned!
You are beyond the limits man
could ever come to know,
but in Your mercy and You allow us
opportune to know!

Stop trying to figure God out and just enjoy the wonder that He is!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Remember a few months back?
I was writing about my first ice storm.
I had always been told that it is better to be cold, "because you can always put more clothing on." Once more, I am leaning toward such reasoning. I don't know about where you are, but we are breaking all sorts of heat records around here. It's miserable!! And there is only so much you can "take off" when it's this hot!
I can take my complaint to God, but He already knows about it. Yes, He will listen intently. Too, He will always make a way of escape. Often, that 'way' is not always pleasing.
Usually, the best I can do immediately is cling to His promises. There is a place awaiting some that will not be affected by weather. Everything will be perfect There! There is another place ahead that will be hotter than what we are going through right now! I am sure that I won't be there!! How about you? Are you sure of your destination ahead? You can be! The blood of Jesus has secured a place for you in that Perfect Place. All you must do is ask Him to be your Lord and Savior!
Too many folks I hear think that they must 'get right' first and then call on Jesus. The very opposite is true! Does it make sense to 'get cleaned up' before you take a shower? No! It's the same principle with God! Just go to Him the way you are and He will do what needs to done in you! All you must do is give Him your heart and avail yourself to His ways.

So what will your eternity be? Smoking or non-smoking?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


"How are you today?"
"Is everything alright?"
"Is there anything I can do?"

How many of us ask those questions honestly? Too often, it is just a flippant statement, not a genuine concern.
I ask that of someone, and if they give an honest reply, I suddenly realize that I really don't have time to listen. God forgive me!
I was at a prayer meeting this morning. One of the regulars was there and voiced his concerns. Something was wrong, though. He just did not look like himself. He appeared to be "going downhill."
Did I invest the time to talk to his heart? No. And here I am going through the morning, my heart plaguing me with guilt!
Hang on while I go call him...

How far am I willing to go...
how much do I want to know...
how deep is genuine concern...
why do these questions so burn?

"My Father, forgive me once more.
That passion inside me restore!
A love so much deeper than word,
inside of my heart be occurred!
You know more than any other
just how much I care for my brother!
If it is no deeper than speech,

than nowhere at all will it reach!
Oh, once again, give me YOUR heart,
so that Your life I may impart.
I cannot have any affect
unless Your ways I would reflect!
In JESUS Name,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Is it? So many argue this day about said statement. In my heart, however, there be no quarrel. I am a very blessed man to say "Happy Father's Day" to my daddy with no apprehensions!

As far as I remember,
(and mostly for the best,)
my daddy, he is always there;
I am so very blessed!
So stellar, his provision,
and even more than 'need;'
so many his examples
to use with my own seed.

A worker by example,
a leader in his field;
that ethic, ever stellar,
unto each man revealed!
Seen by these, his children
who yet would imitate;
though one, alone, considered
I would see the man as 'great!'

And realize I rarity
to see my dad as such;
I treasure yet his warm embrace
and his loving touch.
His words containing wisdom yet,
through the miles between,
and look I forward to that visit
that is always seen!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I thank God for you!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I am so blessed to know God in such a way that I do not see Him as "rigid." Too many people I meet do see Him as such.
Just this morning, He surprised my wife and I with a blessing that we never even fathomed! As Debby opened the front door, there stood my son and daughter!! They drove all they way up here from Florida overnight! What a blessing!
Do you know God this way? You should! He is available to be this personal to you!
What stops you from knowing Him like this? I promise you it is not Him! Whatever it is that prevents you, it is a learned behavior or an attitude on your part. Being such, it is something that YOU CAN change! For it is His desire that you know Him better!
GO FOR IT! He is right there with open arms and a smile on His face saying "Come!"
At church, we have a painting of Jesus that we sometimes use as a background for songs or sermons. In the painting, Jesus is holding a fishing net over His shoulder; the other hand is bidding us to come, and He has a huge smile on His face...almost laughter. An older gentleman approached me one Sunday when I was in the sound booth and said "Get that photo off the wall! That ain't my Jesus!" Well it needs to be!! This man had the mindset that Jesus was always all business, no fun! This is not MY Jesus! My Jesus walks with me, laughs with me, smiles with me, He joins me while I'm fishing, He slaps my back at "the one that got away..." and, yes, He is here right now rejoicing with us that my kids are here!
(And, too, He IS right here during the opposite times.)
Are you In such a relationship with Jesus?
What are YOU waiting for?

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Where is your power? Is it in money? Possessions?
Too often, people depend on 'things' that can lose power. I KNOW Who mine is...

"Your power overtakes, Lord, as a flood!
So absolute, the power in The Blood!
Bursting forth, the glory of Your power!
Greater, stronger, more than any shower!
Therefore, not an issue be our trust!
That You are in control CAN'T be discussed!
Walking in the boldness that remains
hope, faith and security contains!"

Oh, see the power, step into the flood!
The Power--it is only in the Blood!

Where is your power?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It is something that you request of your most tender moments with the one you love.
What about your time with Jesus? Are you so close to Him that you are comfortable saying that? Why not?
He desires such…

"Oh, dance with me again, my Lord,
receive Your willing Bride.
I release myself into
the music You provide.
Lead me in Your movement,
Your each step I want to learn;
every nuance of Your love
desire I discern.

Dance with me again, my lord,
regardless who would see.
I shan’t conceal relationship,
but love You liberally!
Blessed be the time with You
and so much in return!
The fellowship of You and I—
the greatest of concern!"


Monday, June 15, 2009

Prince Serenity

in spite of events...
in spite of relationships...
in spite of health?
It all depends on what your serenity is based upon.
It can be based upon something that changes not,
Someone who changes not.
His Name is Jesus.
Where is your serenity?
Who is your serenity?

Oh, the peace that is as life
includes the very Prince!
As He lives within, there be

so rare a cause to wince!
The boldness of Him living,
the confidence the same,
there be serenity of life
because He boldly came!

Oh call for that boldness to reside inside of you! HE WILL! He only waits for your call!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Morning Maker

Glory shouts behind the peaks,
horizon to possess!
Relentless rays of living seek,
endeavoring to bless!
Morning once more on the prowl,
wonders to bestow;
in the face of any scowl
the joy of living grow!

Behold the joy of morning! Cause the same to infect the very fabric of your being in a way that sets the tone of your day.
Foremost, allow the very Creator of the morning to affect you in the same way.
His Name is Jesus!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I started the day out watching the beauty and the wonder of the thunderstorm. Then I turned the news on and saw the flooding and tornadoes in other parts of the country. Are they standing in wonder or running for their lives?!
So what do I write about?
I remember sitting in mom & dad's front yard one evening watching the lightning. I ignored mom's concerns and stayed there. Later that night, I heard mom yell "EVERYBODY TO THE SHOWERS!!" Moments later, those two shower stalls were all that were left of their home!
So what do I write about?
How about if I write about the LIFE that came from that DISASTER? As I reflect on all of the changes that came from that storm, I am almost hesitant to call it a "disaster."
That was almost 10 years ago. Yes, "disasters" have been since then. And in each one, I can look back and see the life changes that prevailed. Some not visible to the naked eye. Some still happening. Some changes were and are very painful, but the blessings are in sight!
Is there a storm in front of you?
What do you see?
What are you looking at?
What should I write about....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


You are more than ever I could seek
You cannot be known by a fleeting peek!
All You are can't ever be obtained!
What, then, through eternity be gained?
Thus, words are such a disability!
Poetic verse--oh what a hindrance be!
Captured, yet imperfect such to be;
You must be known to feel or hear or see!!

Time. Such must be spent in God's Presence to get to know more of Him. Are you willing to invest such?

Monday, June 8, 2009


"I am the righteousness of God,"
would He call me the same?
But not until I realize
the depth of my own shame.
Not to dwell upon the same,
but own it and move on,
as once I ask for His forgiveness,
sin's forever gone!

Oh, the righteousness of God,
my passion for to be!
There be no way to 'earn' the same,
it's part of victory!
Victory in Jesus as
He dwells so deep within,
victory as I depart
the follies of my sin!

The blessed righteousness of God
I am in Christ alone!
He took up residence within,
my vices to atone!
No other worth containing,
no talents I to bring;
the song of sweet salvation I,
but ever I, shall sing!

Do not live in the past...for there is no future in it! Once you take your sins to the Cross, leave them there! God has an awesome ability that I wish I had: once I ask for grace, He FORGETS my sin! It's yet one more facet of Him that is beyond my grasp!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


In portals where no man may trod,
so went the very Son of God.
Yet, from the same, in victory,
He rose to rescue such as we.

For Jesus, Son of the I AM,
the Father's sacrificial Lamb,
has truly done what man could not:
eternal life and peace be wrought!

Oh, the One Begotten Son,
"not My will but Thine be done;"
His single, self-effacing theme;
thus He continues to redeem!

And then, soon and very soon,
from the billowed, skyward dune,
our Redeemer shall return:
eternal life for us to learn!

Are you ready for that time? It WILL happen, ready or not! BE READY! Ask Jesus into Your heart and live HIS way!

Friday, June 5, 2009

All Glory Is...

Look around...
Can you conclude from the vision that Jesus is?
As You see, hear and feel your world, can you deduce that He is in control? Are you even looking for the correct signs?
If you are assuming that Jesus is near because everything is coming up roses, you are missing so very much!!

All glory is as Jesus comes
and tarries yet once more.
We celebrate together as
He takes me to the shore.
In conversing with the Savior
nothing is held back
as, in living for the same,
nothing does one lack!

All glory is as Jesus walks
beside me on the shore.
The ocean celebrates His grace,
His glory to adore!
The constancy of movement,
discussion and the breeze
between the waves, the flying birds,
and the swaying trees!

All glory is as Jesus leaves
ascending 'yond the veil.
In His wake, serenity
and love that cannot fail!
His peace--for it is sustenance
until, again, we meet,
until I call His holy Name,
our love to, there, repeat!

Yes, beyond visible creation, the love of Jesus is so present! Are you open to the affection that He has for you?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Being Like Him

Not another.
There is none like Jesus. But WE can be Christ-like. In fact, those in the early church were referred to as "little Christs." Would we be referred to as such, being seen and heard? Would THIS WRITER be referred to as such by those close to him? OUCH!

My Jesus, more than ever now,
we need to be like You;
to learn to treat the ones about us
just like You would do;
help us to treat each situation,
oh Lord, as You would;
and, in it, let our attitude
be just what it should.
The prophet said that there was nothing
new beneath the sun;
nothing comes into our lives
that hasn't yet been done.
Then surely, Lord, You know the pain
that mere man can impose;
so, Father, come and cultivate
that ground where healing grows.
Surely, we are violated
in this life by sin,
by willingness of someone else,
or selfishness within;
and, though the ones who sin against us
sometimes stand so proud,
cause us to have an attitude
where sin won't be allowed.
Surely, You will recompense
the ones who need it, Lord,
but come to us, Lord, even now
that we may be restored.
For only You, Lord, truly know
that pain we sometimes feel;
grant unto us Your spirit, Lord,
to You we so appeal!

God is faithful! Draw nigh to Him and He will draw nigh to you! He knows what You can and cannot handle, and He desires you to call on Him for help!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Absolute stillness.
The only movement be the birds traversing;
the only sound be the same rehearsing;
blessed be the absolute.
Absolute vision.
The only sight be...impossible to count!
Even the poets be unable to capture it all with fount!
Blessed be the absolute.
Absolute peace.
The only stress be attempting to contain
the life that is everything but 'plain!'
Blessed be the absolute!
Absolute Truth:
It is Him Who is Creator of it all,
God--He is inviting us to call!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Is it? There are quite a few folks that would delete this message as soon as they read my enthusiasm!! For some, this Monday is only capitalized by pain and discouragement. Such was my heart focused on as I sat outside a little while ago observing the dawn that God created.
It is my prayer that these words might lift them a little:

Once more in the valley
with a faithful Friend.
However deep, however long,
His Presence will not end.
There is life here in abundance
and vestiges of death;
but, through it all, my faithful Friend
supplies with living breath.

The valley is extended,
I shall not be moved.
I shall be escorted as
He tells me I'm approved.
I'm steadied in a favor
none else may recognize;
reestablished as we look
into each others' eyes.

The valley is not permanent
His countenance affirms.
And there are greater promises
according to His terms!
Foremost: His certain Presence in
a place I barely see.
Wherever is the valley
Jesus Christ will also be.