Saturday, May 30, 2009

Waste of time?

What a day!
Different from any other? Maybe not. It is all 'perspective.'
What I see as a majestic day may be 'just another day' to someone else. I was in a place where the only thing in sight was untouched nature. I have been told before that such observances are a 'complete waste of time.'
So be it. I will 'waste' as much time as possible beholding the glory of His creation!

Mountains standing tall...
craggy cliffs free-fall...
rolling hills before:
fascinations soar!

When industry is absent
on land uncivilized,
the touch of Great and Mighty God
is surely realized!
The glory and the majesty
escort the heart beyond;
and grace is transportation through
the visions, oh so fond!

Mountains standing tall
unto the Spirit call,
and lost the poet be
in Father's majesty!

Take time to behold it with me, won't you?

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