Friday, May 22, 2009


“Jesus.” What a beautiful sound!
“Jesus.” What a beautiful sight!
Can anything compare? What about the words of Man? The Word says that the glory of His Majesty is such that even the angels are not allowed to talk about!
Does that mean that we are incapable of beholding Him? Oh, but glimpses of His glory are provided! Even to the pen…

“You are beautiful beyond description…”
be these words a waste of time, therefore?
Every time accomplished are new verses,
You reveal Yourself anew and more!
You generate a quest without an ending—
even in that life beyond this own?
Yea, words concerning such, they are not lawful,
but in that life eternal, they are known!

You are more beautiful than this life can know.
That inner quest shall never waver, though.
Allow life e’er, Your newness, to behold;
a newer facet always to unfold!

No. These words are not a waste of time. If they were, He would prohibit the very interpretation of Himself, and the poets would be silent!

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