Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trust Again...

...even in the sight of that before me?! YES!!
How about you?
Even in the face of that which appears to be an utter failure, God will use it for His glory, and you will behold

Oh Lord, You are so good! For I
have tasted, I have seen!
Your promises unto me,
oh so much does each one mean!
Your Word to us is certain,
far more than that of man;
I look unto fruition
of all that We would plan!

You are so good unto us;
there is never any doubt!
Oh, let us not take any step,
Your counsel, Lord, without!
You know what is best for us even
if we disagree;
if we but follow Your direction
victory we'll see!

God has so much for us! Your daily life has so much. Do you seek His counsel in it, or do you proceed and only seek Him in the "BIG" things? But He wants to join you in the most minute, the tiny things as well.
Let Him!!

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