Sunday, May 3, 2009

Present Presence

In the Presence of Creation,
poetry, it flows!
Whether it be rhythm, verse,
or unrestricted prose!
Great and mighty God inspires
that which honors Him;
and in that which flows is Light
that cannot ever dim!

LET THERE BE LIGHT that all creation
living may display!
To beautify each every step
along the Narrow Way!
LET THERE BE LIGHT to emphasize
Creator's awesome touch
and prove to all, no matter what,
we're in His perfect clutch!

Oh, the presence of creation
of Creator God!
Each and all of life, itself,
His glory to applaud!!
Gaze upon His wonder and
His grace, no matter where!
Look for Him and He has promised
that He will be there!

And HE IS THERE! It may take a second look, but if you want to see God where you are, He will honor your desire.

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