Friday, May 15, 2009

The Name of Peace!

Peace has sought me out and found me. No matter what is happening, no matter what has happened, no matter what will be, Peace has waded through it all to rest me and rest with me.
Have you any idea what I am talking about? Do you want to know?
I know a man who is not comfortable unless there is conflict in some area of his life. If there is not any, he will create it! I can't live that way. If such is a sign of maturity, I don't want to grow up!! No, my life is not perfect. Yes, there are conflicts in my life. But I refuse to go looking for them! (Normally, they find their way to me!) However, PEACE finds its way to me far more often! And Peace has a Name--Jesus! The very Prince of Peace! The presence of Jesus does not mean an absence of conflict, but it does mean that there is Someone greater to escort me through the conflict!
Oh, the Name of Peace. Conflicts lessen at the Name of Peace! Transportation happens at the Name of Peace: I am taken to where those conflicts are better in focus. There, I can better realize their size.
In order to do so, Peace seeks me and finds me. How about you?

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