Saturday, May 9, 2009


Blessings on you.
Here in our country, Sunday is Mother's Day.
So wonderful are such memories, and so fortunate are we to have them!
So very blessed is this man to be able to honor her for another year. Thanks mom! Thanks be to God, as well. Were it not for His grace, I would not be so blessed!

A gift to last a lifetime...
a gift where life to start;
that blessed life itself beginning
just below her heart!
And never very far removed
from that precious place,
only sharing residence
with the King of Grace!

His attributes attending
in truest childhood;
her honor e'er compounding
in everything that's good;
far more than rhyme or reason,
above poetic verse...
behold her beauty risen high
above poetic verse!

"Mother for a lifetime,
the source of life You are!
Oh feel the love and honor from
THIS source of many scar!
God blessed me in abundance when
He chose you for my living;
a very blessed gift you are--
the gift that keeps on giving!"

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