Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Still life. Really? Look closer...

Approaching with the mist,
Him ever to exist!
God, Creator King,
"Sing, ye living, sing!"

So far beyond all reasoning,
explaining or deduction,
The One Who breaks beyond all things
attempting His reduction!
And though it be impossible
to capture Him in full,
He is permitting such as we
His vestiges to pull!

To any willing to attempt
to know an attribute,
will He reveal Himself in ways
that life cannot refute!
Those ways exceed a number or
a list one may acquire,
those ways are far beyond our ways--
there are not any higher!!

Reasoning cannot approach
the glory of it all!
Thus, even in the morning mist,
His holiness we call!

If His Presence cannot be seen, look closer...listen...feel...
He is omnipresent...even in the morning mist.

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