Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Glimpse of Glory

The glory and the power. Can man handle the fullness of it?
Just because we cannot, does that mean we are forbidden from it? No way!
Due His great mercy, we are allowed glimpses of His glory. Due His generosity, He knows each of us intimately, therefore knowing what will touch each of us. That is why we each "know Him as He is," and in our own personal way.
Do you know such? You can!

The beauty of the billowed clouds
has stopped me in my day;
the majesty has gripped my soul
of that upon display!
Silent are the words of me
describing how I feel
as I partake of such a sight
and heed to its appeal!
Probably with just one hand
did He make this for me;
evidence of His great love
and care for me to see;
just so I would realize
how mighty is His hand,
as if, with my finite mind,
I'd somehow understand!
How will I ever understand,
(until I see His face,)
the power and the majesty
of my Lord of Grace?
However, each new day I get
yet one more glimpse of Him,
as, with such sights, He keeps my hope
and joy from growing dim!

Can you handle such reality?

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