Sunday, May 24, 2009


Some memories won’t die.
They’re kept alive by gentle tears
that one would proudly cry;
they are exhumed by mentioning
a name with worthy sigh;
they’re kept alive as a younger
asks for reasons why…

Some memories won’t die.
They’re celebrated as a convoy
slowly passes by,
as a plane or helicopter
fascinates the sky,
as a jet breaks the silence
faster than the eye…

Some memories won’t die.
They live in each one of us as
a laugh, a prayer, a sigh,
but deeper than emotion be
each one to signify,
each rank and each position,
every one to qualify…

Some memories won’t die.
There be a God aware of ALL
and HE will satisfy!
The sacrifice, the dedication,
all is in HIS eye!
Each one of them shall be rewarded
there, beyond the sky...

Thank you, families, for allowing us to share your memories as we celebrate the lives of our loved ones today.

In HIS Service,
The Busbys

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