Saturday, May 30, 2009

Waste of time?

What a day!
Different from any other? Maybe not. It is all 'perspective.'
What I see as a majestic day may be 'just another day' to someone else. I was in a place where the only thing in sight was untouched nature. I have been told before that such observances are a 'complete waste of time.'
So be it. I will 'waste' as much time as possible beholding the glory of His creation!

Mountains standing tall...
craggy cliffs free-fall...
rolling hills before:
fascinations soar!

When industry is absent
on land uncivilized,
the touch of Great and Mighty God
is surely realized!
The glory and the majesty
escort the heart beyond;
and grace is transportation through
the visions, oh so fond!

Mountains standing tall
unto the Spirit call,
and lost the poet be
in Father's majesty!

Take time to behold it with me, won't you?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

THAT guy!

That guy over there yells at his kids when they screw up sometimes,
I fail to edify my children when they do right...what's the difference?
That guy spends his money on things that I would not dare have in my house,
I buy 'stuff' that is inexpensive and harmless with a credit card that I cannot pay off...which is the greater sin?
That guy stays home on Sundays just so he doesn't miss the game,
I sit in church and condemn him instead of paying attention to the sermon...
Who is getting more out of their time?
That guy stands before God yelling and crying out! He looks ashamed and cries as he is leaving. I know better! I use better words. Sometimes, I even speak in rhythm and rhyme...
Are You listening?

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Some memories won’t die.
They’re kept alive by gentle tears
that one would proudly cry;
they are exhumed by mentioning
a name with worthy sigh;
they’re kept alive as a younger
asks for reasons why…

Some memories won’t die.
They’re celebrated as a convoy
slowly passes by,
as a plane or helicopter
fascinates the sky,
as a jet breaks the silence
faster than the eye…

Some memories won’t die.
They live in each one of us as
a laugh, a prayer, a sigh,
but deeper than emotion be
each one to signify,
each rank and each position,
every one to qualify…

Some memories won’t die.
There be a God aware of ALL
and HE will satisfy!
The sacrifice, the dedication,
all is in HIS eye!
Each one of them shall be rewarded
there, beyond the sky...

Thank you, families, for allowing us to share your memories as we celebrate the lives of our loved ones today.

In HIS Service,
The Busbys

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The elements arise...
What a wonderful creation of God...
What a wonderful display of His power...
no question Who is in control!

The power and the glory,
so real on display!
The gamut of emotion be
to who would see and say!
Impossible for to deny
His Presence in the fray!
Humble, therefore, at the sight
and look toward That Day!

Yes, there is a day when weather will be no more. The Words even declares that "He will be coming on the clouds..."
Until that day, behold the power and the wonder that He creates in the heavens!

Friday, May 22, 2009


“Jesus.” What a beautiful sound!
“Jesus.” What a beautiful sight!
Can anything compare? What about the words of Man? The Word says that the glory of His Majesty is such that even the angels are not allowed to talk about!
Does that mean that we are incapable of beholding Him? Oh, but glimpses of His glory are provided! Even to the pen…

“You are beautiful beyond description…”
be these words a waste of time, therefore?
Every time accomplished are new verses,
You reveal Yourself anew and more!
You generate a quest without an ending—
even in that life beyond this own?
Yea, words concerning such, they are not lawful,
but in that life eternal, they are known!

You are more beautiful than this life can know.
That inner quest shall never waver, though.
Allow life e’er, Your newness, to behold;
a newer facet always to unfold!

No. These words are not a waste of time. If they were, He would prohibit the very interpretation of Himself, and the poets would be silent!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trust Again...

...even in the sight of that before me?! YES!!
How about you?
Even in the face of that which appears to be an utter failure, God will use it for His glory, and you will behold

Oh Lord, You are so good! For I
have tasted, I have seen!
Your promises unto me,
oh so much does each one mean!
Your Word to us is certain,
far more than that of man;
I look unto fruition
of all that We would plan!

You are so good unto us;
there is never any doubt!
Oh, let us not take any step,
Your counsel, Lord, without!
You know what is best for us even
if we disagree;
if we but follow Your direction
victory we'll see!

God has so much for us! Your daily life has so much. Do you seek His counsel in it, or do you proceed and only seek Him in the "BIG" things? But He wants to join you in the most minute, the tiny things as well.
Let Him!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Glimpse of Glory

The glory and the power. Can man handle the fullness of it?
Just because we cannot, does that mean we are forbidden from it? No way!
Due His great mercy, we are allowed glimpses of His glory. Due His generosity, He knows each of us intimately, therefore knowing what will touch each of us. That is why we each "know Him as He is," and in our own personal way.
Do you know such? You can!

The beauty of the billowed clouds
has stopped me in my day;
the majesty has gripped my soul
of that upon display!
Silent are the words of me
describing how I feel
as I partake of such a sight
and heed to its appeal!
Probably with just one hand
did He make this for me;
evidence of His great love
and care for me to see;
just so I would realize
how mighty is His hand,
as if, with my finite mind,
I'd somehow understand!
How will I ever understand,
(until I see His face,)
the power and the majesty
of my Lord of Grace?
However, each new day I get
yet one more glimpse of Him,
as, with such sights, He keeps my hope
and joy from growing dim!

Can you handle such reality?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday morning...

...what's the problem?
The infinite sky received the rising sun with anticipation. It now displays its glory in shades of promise. There are some who cannot see any of it.
Monday morning. Another day of life. Another opportunity to live. Turn that dread of work into rejoicing that you have a job to go to, you have skills to do that job, and that you are physically capable of doing it. There are countless people who desire to have any of those three.
Monday, Monday...beautiful Monday! Just another day?
Thank You, Father, for this beautiful day that You have ordained!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Name of Peace!

Peace has sought me out and found me. No matter what is happening, no matter what has happened, no matter what will be, Peace has waded through it all to rest me and rest with me.
Have you any idea what I am talking about? Do you want to know?
I know a man who is not comfortable unless there is conflict in some area of his life. If there is not any, he will create it! I can't live that way. If such is a sign of maturity, I don't want to grow up!! No, my life is not perfect. Yes, there are conflicts in my life. But I refuse to go looking for them! (Normally, they find their way to me!) However, PEACE finds its way to me far more often! And Peace has a Name--Jesus! The very Prince of Peace! The presence of Jesus does not mean an absence of conflict, but it does mean that there is Someone greater to escort me through the conflict!
Oh, the Name of Peace. Conflicts lessen at the Name of Peace! Transportation happens at the Name of Peace: I am taken to where those conflicts are better in focus. There, I can better realize their size.
In order to do so, Peace seeks me and finds me. How about you?

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Blessings on you.
Here in our country, Sunday is Mother's Day.
So wonderful are such memories, and so fortunate are we to have them!
So very blessed is this man to be able to honor her for another year. Thanks mom! Thanks be to God, as well. Were it not for His grace, I would not be so blessed!

A gift to last a lifetime...
a gift where life to start;
that blessed life itself beginning
just below her heart!
And never very far removed
from that precious place,
only sharing residence
with the King of Grace!

His attributes attending
in truest childhood;
her honor e'er compounding
in everything that's good;
far more than rhyme or reason,
above poetic verse...
behold her beauty risen high
above poetic verse!

"Mother for a lifetime,
the source of life You are!
Oh feel the love and honor from
THIS source of many scar!
God blessed me in abundance when
He chose you for my living;
a very blessed gift you are--
the gift that keeps on giving!"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Still life. Really? Look closer...

Approaching with the mist,
Him ever to exist!
God, Creator King,
"Sing, ye living, sing!"

So far beyond all reasoning,
explaining or deduction,
The One Who breaks beyond all things
attempting His reduction!
And though it be impossible
to capture Him in full,
He is permitting such as we
His vestiges to pull!

To any willing to attempt
to know an attribute,
will He reveal Himself in ways
that life cannot refute!
Those ways exceed a number or
a list one may acquire,
those ways are far beyond our ways--
there are not any higher!!

Reasoning cannot approach
the glory of it all!
Thus, even in the morning mist,
His holiness we call!

If His Presence cannot be seen, look closer...listen...feel...
He is omnipresent...even in the morning mist.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Present Presence

In the Presence of Creation,
poetry, it flows!
Whether it be rhythm, verse,
or unrestricted prose!
Great and mighty God inspires
that which honors Him;
and in that which flows is Light
that cannot ever dim!

LET THERE BE LIGHT that all creation
living may display!
To beautify each every step
along the Narrow Way!
LET THERE BE LIGHT to emphasize
Creator's awesome touch
and prove to all, no matter what,
we're in His perfect clutch!

Oh, the presence of creation
of Creator God!
Each and all of life, itself,
His glory to applaud!!
Gaze upon His wonder and
His grace, no matter where!
Look for Him and He has promised
that He will be there!

And HE IS THERE! It may take a second look, but if you want to see God where you are, He will honor your desire.