Thursday, April 16, 2009


I don't like waiting. However, I have found that good comes from such. And not just 'things.' Qualities are developed and even granted as one waits. Too, I have found that 'waiting' also means 'serving,' as a 'waiter' does at a restaurant.
Are you a 'waiter?'

Waiting on my Father
in the cleft secure.
I have no apprehensions-
I’m safe, my footing sure.
I know that He is coming,
for we meet here so oft;
from this crude location
my vision scans aloft.
From this elevation
I see from whence I came.
I recognize deliverance
and glorify His Name!
An eagle soars beneath me—
so elevated I—
what vision I am granted as
I wait for Him Most High!

Yet, as I wait, I realize
He is already here!
And He has caused me see this life
in ways that are more clear.
Those ways, they are provided me
by Him on Whom I wait;
and they inspire “Linger yet,
regardless of His gait!”

Waiting on my Father,
it be no task at all!
An honor and a privilege to be
at His beck and call!

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