Friday, April 24, 2009

Stone of my Redemption

The Stone of my redemption be
impossible to mar!
My Strength and my Deliverer,
oh Rock, are Who You are!
The Horn of my salvation,
my Shield and my Strength,
Your love be metered not by width,
nor depth nor even length!

I call upon You, oh my Lord,
worthy of all praise,
and every foothold of the foe
Your Name doth surely raze!
Oh, the power of Your Name,
the sweetness of its sound!
My body, soul and spirit,
at the same do they resound!

You're worthy not to be compared
to anything I know!
But grateful am I ever for
whatever You would show
unto a seeking, humble heart
purchased with a price!
I call upon You, oh my Lord,
Your Word doth e'er suffice!

Allow Him to be the same in YOUR life!

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