Sunday, April 19, 2009

Presents or Presence?

God. He is so good. But why? Why is God good to You?
There must come a point in our lives when we realize that God is good because HE IS GOD, not for any other reason.

Oh, blessed be the promises,
but Presence is much more!
God has the greatest merchandise,
but that’s not what He’s for!
For I am made to worship Him,
He is not here to serve!
And that which I receive from Him
is more than I deserve!

O blessed be His Presence—more
than I may comprehend.
At His invitation, common
sense comes to an end.
At His glance, mine each emotion
starts to come undone,
and I am lost in love as He
calls out to me “My son.”

The Presence and the promises—
I am a wealthy man!
And, though I may receive no more,
to serve Him is my plan!
For greater is The Presence than
the presents that He gives;
to worship Him and glorify Him
is why this man lives!

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