Saturday, April 4, 2009


Driving…driving…driving…’nothing’ in sight? It depends on what you are looking for…

Through the miles of ‘nothing,’
how many understand?
Where others may see ‘nothing,’
I see my Father’s hand!

His handiwork abounding,
so very blessed am I!
So easy on the eye, it causes
life to glorify!

As I stare at ‘nothing’
He reveals everything
in ways that cause my body, soul
and spirit for to sing!
A song that not a thing prevents,
a song that is inspired;
singing of His majesty—
but never I be tired!

Singing about ‘nothing’ unto
everything at all!
He hears mine every utterance,
I hearken to His call!
He is all of life, dependant
on not any sight,
oh, and in His majesty
is vision to delight!

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