Saturday, April 18, 2009

HIS Control

Here comes the 'weather?'
Is that the only time one notices 'elements?' Is it only during 'adverse' conditions that we come to admit or acknowledge that God is even in control of that outside our personal lives?
For some reason, I have always been fascinated with the weather. For some reason, it was always 'easier' for me to write when it was raining or cloudy. Why?
I don't have the answer yet, either.

Elements once more...
season to restore;
so alive, God's touch:
evidence, and much!
Oh, but certain be His Presence in
whatever climate be!
So alive, His living in
but ALL we feel and see!

Elements once more,
Creator God adore!
Touch Him and so live
in all that He shall give!

Again, when the elements are seen, look with more than the eyes. For there is beauty within, promises beyond, and glory throughout. Yes, I have been in tornadoes, and I can see the life therein, (albeit in retrospect.) I have most recently been in my first ice storm. Now, in the Spring, I can see the pruning that is the result of such.
Look with more than vision. I promise that you will see something positive.

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