Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Here we go again...
Same old story? Same old pain? What does it mean? So many are the naysayers poised to point out that "If your God is so real, this would not have happened!"
Yet to them I say "Say on..."
Nothing they can do or say will affect my trust and relationship with my Lord and God!
I had a seizure yesterday and fell backwards, head first, onto the driveway! (Fortunately, the concrete broke my fall!) Such is but a part of life in this household. However, a greater part of life here is the Presence of God. And, in spite of the pain and damage, I am still able to say...

"Back down into humanness,"
once again allowed?
"In the twinkling of an eye"
I slip off of the cloud.
I wait now for my healing;
the Healer, though, I know,
and, back into His willing arms,
so rapidly I go!

I look into His loving eyes,
He praises my attempt;
reminding me that, from this life,
I am not yet exempt,
then reassuring me that He
is present through it all.
Oh so precious, His embrace
to them that heed His call!

Back down into humanness--
I am not alone!
In the shadows of this valley
is His Presence known!
Mine escort in the injury,
mine escort through the pain;
my Healer and Deliverer,
my living to contain!

Never, ever give up! Yes, I know it hurts. Yesterday proved that, (and it still hurts today!) But I am not alone.

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