Thursday, April 23, 2009


Perfection? In whose eyes?
I was in the sanctuary last evening tending to the plants. It is always a beautiful chore on Wednesday nights, as that is when the choir is practicing. But last night, time and again, I would hear
"Hold on a second..."
"No, no, no, that didn't sound right..."
"Wait. Mr. Doe, you were slow with that entrance..." etc.
I sat down with my pen and wrote

Music, words, voices, Spirit,
present in one place
harmonizing beautifully
according to His grace;
Holy Spirit present in
the heart of every piece,
causing holy adoration
freely to release.

Tuning, timing, flowing, reaching--
happening somehow;
adoration in accord,
fortifying vow.
One is worthy to receive
the fruits of labors such,
unto Him we dedicate
as we feel His touch!

Music, words, voices, spirit
in the House alive!
Oh, the precious transports causing
Jesus to arrive!
Superseding talent, skill
and all we may possess
is the moving of the Spirit
causing us to bless!

I learned a long time ago that it is not always our ability, it is our availability! And God, always faithful, caused worship service last evening to flow beautifully and sound divine!

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