Saturday, April 11, 2009


"Thank God that it is Friday?"
How painful is the sound!
How far away is Sunday?
...and still, the insults pound!
The avenue of punishment--
He bore the total route;
in ignorance I shout!

So blinded by mine anger,
I cannot see the peace...
Incited by authorities,
all reasoning to cease;
Do I want to see the truth,
or blend in with the crowd?
He glances deep into my eyes
amid the tumult loud.
Time, itself, then freezes:
I only see His face;
they march Him on, beating, yelling,
as i learn of grace.
I see Him as I never have,
His words and deeds cut deep;
how can I face my life now with
the life anew I keep?

At last I understand
command beyond "demand."
This avenue was planned:
my will has been "unmanned."
But Sunday is ahead!
Enough blood has been shed.
Cling to what He said
as chains of death are shed!

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