Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beyond Distractions

"Father, forgive my blindness! Rather, focus me on that which really matters:"

Creator on the back of the creation--
how many be aware of such event?
Those in adoration shout "HOSANNA!!"
But for ALL of man was Jesus sent!
Knowing of the path that is before Him,
purposing our better, nonetheless:
the vilest of treatment of the Greatest
to become the greatest way to bless?

All of Scripture in one week fulfilling...
all of life to pinnacle in One!
Even time eternal taking notice:
Father God, Holy Spirit, Son!

Creator even yet amongst creation,
being, still, the One and only Way.
Reaching, calling, loving and forgiving-
visible to ALL who may survey!
Above, below and inside ALL of living-
such proof, out of the tomb to culminate!
"Reveal it all afresh unto Your people
as Your Holy Week we celebrate!"

So very wonderful, the events that we devise for this "season," but may the truth of Easter be more than "seasonal" in your life.

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