Friday, April 24, 2009


Into the throneroom...
Enter into it with humility.
As He reaches out, be not timid:

"I desire audience
again with You, my King.
All the facets of this man
unto You brightly ring!
Circumstances disappear
as I behold Your face;
and when I'm bidden "Come thou near,"
I'm bathed in Your sweet grace.
In Your Presence, majesty,
emotion beyond script!
With Your Presence deep within,
oh King, am I equipped!
But all of that be secondary
for the moment, Lord,
as I behold Your righteousness,
exalted and adored!

I desire audience
but constantly, oh King!
And there, where I desire most,
Your blessed Presence bring!
Contained, therein, so many 'things'
nowhere else availed;
oh, so very honored, Lord,
we are no longer veiled!

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