Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another First

Have you yet discovered that not all 'firsts' are enjoyable? The one today for us is most painful! Vickilove turns 22 today. It is the 'first' birthday of hers that we have not been together. Through nobody's 'fault,' we cannot be there due to an injury. We have already spoken with her, and she has already reassured us that it is fine. But it still hurts.
Too often, I have seen families or friends draw the 'jealousy' card on such occasions. One does not receive exactly what the other does, and war is declared! Such is a painful battle to participate in. There is never a 'winner' in such.
We cannot be with Vicki today. She has, however, made friends there in her new life, and they are commemorating this day wonderfully in our stead.
Thank God for friends!

Absent from the family,
and surely not by choice!
Reunited, though, at but
the sounding of the voice!
A greeting to erase the miles,
a phone call makes embrace,
and such suffices till, again,
her presence is to grace!

Absent from the family--
she's growing up, indeed.
Visible, the attributes
we sought for to inbreed.
Audible maturity
detected across the miles,
as she generates so deep
within her folks such smiles!

Absent from the family,
connected by love's cord;
and gathered in communion by
the arms of Christ the Lord!
He is the glue that holds this
family so very strong,
and He assures we'll meet once more
and not too very long!

Yes, the Lord helps make this day easier. He causes us to be together in spirit, and His Presence assures us that when we reuntite month, it will be even sweeter!

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