Monday, April 6, 2009


Only a song? The song has been around for centuries, but the product has been since time began...whenever that was! O sing the words as long as possible, for they are priceless! But reside in the grace forever, for it is timeless...

Amazing Grace, my canopy,
my covering, my shield!
In Jesus Christ alone, mine only
self to be revealed!
Disgusting as I am, yet
grace abundant to embrace;
imperfect as I am--Perfection
gazes in my face!
Deeper than a fleeting glance...
more than 'just a look...'
a contemplation of pure love
from Him Who, my sins, took!
Him Who bore my wickedness,
refusal and abuse,
has wrapped Himself around my life
and I cannot get loose!!

Amazing grace, amazing sight?
But more than vision may delight!
Deeper, aye, than surface be
should be that grace to such as we!
But seen and felt and even heard
in thought, in deed, in very word!
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound:
abundant life for to abound!

No matter how long I live, no matter how long I will live, God's grace will ever amaze! He gives His very best unto the very worst! Will ever I understand?

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