Thursday, April 30, 2009


Oh, those blessed times in His Presence that far exceed description! Have you been there? Come with me...

Spectacle, splendor-
captured by the sight?
Ears to comprehend?
Poet to recite?
Understood by whom?
What determines such?
Far exceeding grasp,
able, though, to touch!

Father, Spirit, Son,
spectacle to be!
Understood in heart
unto such as we.
Unto ALL availed,
willing to beleive.
See Him and approach,
open and receive!

There are many places in His Presence that not even the poet may record. There are sacrifices to be made in order to go there. How many are willing to make those sacrifices? A major one is time.
Have you time to go?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Hear that?! How many voices could that be?
Where is it coming from?!
Every direction the ear turns it is heard the same...


Feel it?! It's in the whole atmosphere! What is it?!

LOOK! What is that bright brilliance?!?



Removing crown in deference
unto a Crown supreme;
casting crown in adoration,
primacy esteem;
witnessing the end of self,
exalting that One Crown;
seeing every argument
against the King come down!

Unity at last
coronation fast!
That settled in the past
eternally is passed!

Singular now is the Kingdom
that shall never end!
Defeated be His every foe,
no more to ascend!
Not ever He to abdicate
what was always His-
The King of Kings eternally
Jesus Christ, He is!!

"Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!!"

Monday, April 27, 2009


The calm before the storm.
Weather reports are...visions are...atmosphere is...all the classic signs that peace is on borrowed time. However,

Morning, oh so calm,
blessed healing balm.
Miracle of Spring,
life to brightly sing!
Resurrection told:
contrasts ever bold
come alive so real;
God above reveal!

Even before the fray, God is present. And if you have not learned that He is present even during the storm, then you don't know the peace that you need to!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Into the throneroom...
Enter into it with humility.
As He reaches out, be not timid:

"I desire audience
again with You, my King.
All the facets of this man
unto You brightly ring!
Circumstances disappear
as I behold Your face;
and when I'm bidden "Come thou near,"
I'm bathed in Your sweet grace.
In Your Presence, majesty,
emotion beyond script!
With Your Presence deep within,
oh King, am I equipped!
But all of that be secondary
for the moment, Lord,
as I behold Your righteousness,
exalted and adored!

I desire audience
but constantly, oh King!
And there, where I desire most,
Your blessed Presence bring!
Contained, therein, so many 'things'
nowhere else availed;
oh, so very honored, Lord,
we are no longer veiled!

Stone of my Redemption

The Stone of my redemption be
impossible to mar!
My Strength and my Deliverer,
oh Rock, are Who You are!
The Horn of my salvation,
my Shield and my Strength,
Your love be metered not by width,
nor depth nor even length!

I call upon You, oh my Lord,
worthy of all praise,
and every foothold of the foe
Your Name doth surely raze!
Oh, the power of Your Name,
the sweetness of its sound!
My body, soul and spirit,
at the same do they resound!

You're worthy not to be compared
to anything I know!
But grateful am I ever for
whatever You would show
unto a seeking, humble heart
purchased with a price!
I call upon You, oh my Lord,
Your Word doth e'er suffice!

Allow Him to be the same in YOUR life!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Perfection? In whose eyes?
I was in the sanctuary last evening tending to the plants. It is always a beautiful chore on Wednesday nights, as that is when the choir is practicing. But last night, time and again, I would hear
"Hold on a second..."
"No, no, no, that didn't sound right..."
"Wait. Mr. Doe, you were slow with that entrance..." etc.
I sat down with my pen and wrote

Music, words, voices, Spirit,
present in one place
harmonizing beautifully
according to His grace;
Holy Spirit present in
the heart of every piece,
causing holy adoration
freely to release.

Tuning, timing, flowing, reaching--
happening somehow;
adoration in accord,
fortifying vow.
One is worthy to receive
the fruits of labors such,
unto Him we dedicate
as we feel His touch!

Music, words, voices, spirit
in the House alive!
Oh, the precious transports causing
Jesus to arrive!
Superseding talent, skill
and all we may possess
is the moving of the Spirit
causing us to bless!

I learned a long time ago that it is not always our ability, it is our availability! And God, always faithful, caused worship service last evening to flow beautifully and sound divine!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gone, The Day...

Whatever the day contained, whatever the day was supposed to accomplish, it is over. The Word affirms that there are only so many hours in the day to get things done. We are to make the most of those hours. The worst thing that we can do with the other hours is to dwell on what we did not accomplish!

Dark of time existing,
life continues on;
whatever was persisting,
opportune is gone.
But dwell upon successes
and victories that be!
God—He ever blesses
the lives of such as we!

Tomorrow is another day. A whole new set of problems and solutions. Will you decide to celebrate what is done, or regret what was not?

Divine Presence

The Holy Place is entered into through worship. But that is only the first step. Further steps are obtained through waiting, praising, silence and all else that the Spirit reveals and compels. Once present there, the Personal God reveals to you what can only be present there…

Holy, lovely, wonderful…
listen, see and feel:
the Presence of Almighty God,
THE Presence—oh, so real!
So overwhelming, oh, the grace,
it cannot be ignored!
Holy, lovely, wonderful—
Father, Spirit, Lord!

Have you been there yet? It takes time, dedication, and declination of self, but the rewards are priceless!


Could ever I imagine Your affection?
Is this living able to at all?
You know mine every thought and each intention,
You listen to mine each and every call!
Who am I to have this much attention?
Who are You to care this much for me?
Lest I should get caught up in pointless ramble,
I shall but celebrate the grace that be!

Sometimes, the best thing that I can do is just 'accept' what He has for me instead of trying to justify it. (Or should we say "Most of the time...?")

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Presents or Presence?

God. He is so good. But why? Why is God good to You?
There must come a point in our lives when we realize that God is good because HE IS GOD, not for any other reason.

Oh, blessed be the promises,
but Presence is much more!
God has the greatest merchandise,
but that’s not what He’s for!
For I am made to worship Him,
He is not here to serve!
And that which I receive from Him
is more than I deserve!

O blessed be His Presence—more
than I may comprehend.
At His invitation, common
sense comes to an end.
At His glance, mine each emotion
starts to come undone,
and I am lost in love as He
calls out to me “My son.”

The Presence and the promises—
I am a wealthy man!
And, though I may receive no more,
to serve Him is my plan!
For greater is The Presence than
the presents that He gives;
to worship Him and glorify Him
is why this man lives!

Another First

Have you yet discovered that not all 'firsts' are enjoyable? The one today for us is most painful! Vickilove turns 22 today. It is the 'first' birthday of hers that we have not been together. Through nobody's 'fault,' we cannot be there due to an injury. We have already spoken with her, and she has already reassured us that it is fine. But it still hurts.
Too often, I have seen families or friends draw the 'jealousy' card on such occasions. One does not receive exactly what the other does, and war is declared! Such is a painful battle to participate in. There is never a 'winner' in such.
We cannot be with Vicki today. She has, however, made friends there in her new life, and they are commemorating this day wonderfully in our stead.
Thank God for friends!

Absent from the family,
and surely not by choice!
Reunited, though, at but
the sounding of the voice!
A greeting to erase the miles,
a phone call makes embrace,
and such suffices till, again,
her presence is to grace!

Absent from the family--
she's growing up, indeed.
Visible, the attributes
we sought for to inbreed.
Audible maturity
detected across the miles,
as she generates so deep
within her folks such smiles!

Absent from the family,
connected by love's cord;
and gathered in communion by
the arms of Christ the Lord!
He is the glue that holds this
family so very strong,
and He assures we'll meet once more
and not too very long!

Yes, the Lord helps make this day easier. He causes us to be together in spirit, and His Presence assures us that when we reuntite month, it will be even sweeter!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

HIS Control

Here comes the 'weather?'
Is that the only time one notices 'elements?' Is it only during 'adverse' conditions that we come to admit or acknowledge that God is even in control of that outside our personal lives?
For some reason, I have always been fascinated with the weather. For some reason, it was always 'easier' for me to write when it was raining or cloudy. Why?
I don't have the answer yet, either.

Elements once more...
season to restore;
so alive, God's touch:
evidence, and much!
Oh, but certain be His Presence in
whatever climate be!
So alive, His living in
but ALL we feel and see!

Elements once more,
Creator God adore!
Touch Him and so live
in all that He shall give!

Again, when the elements are seen, look with more than the eyes. For there is beauty within, promises beyond, and glory throughout. Yes, I have been in tornadoes, and I can see the life therein, (albeit in retrospect.) I have most recently been in my first ice storm. Now, in the Spring, I can see the pruning that is the result of such.
Look with more than vision. I promise that you will see something positive.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I don't like waiting. However, I have found that good comes from such. And not just 'things.' Qualities are developed and even granted as one waits. Too, I have found that 'waiting' also means 'serving,' as a 'waiter' does at a restaurant.
Are you a 'waiter?'

Waiting on my Father
in the cleft secure.
I have no apprehensions-
I’m safe, my footing sure.
I know that He is coming,
for we meet here so oft;
from this crude location
my vision scans aloft.
From this elevation
I see from whence I came.
I recognize deliverance
and glorify His Name!
An eagle soars beneath me—
so elevated I—
what vision I am granted as
I wait for Him Most High!

Yet, as I wait, I realize
He is already here!
And He has caused me see this life
in ways that are more clear.
Those ways, they are provided me
by Him on Whom I wait;
and they inspire “Linger yet,
regardless of His gait!”

Waiting on my Father,
it be no task at all!
An honor and a privilege to be
at His beck and call!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Season now approaches with a song;
living resonates "IT WON'T BE LONG!"
Trees of each variety astir;
oh, see the things that ARE and not that WERE.

Here now, ever all the time in season,
Father God, Creator of the same;
All of living sings alive unto Him;
all of life to glorify His Name!
God Creator--worthy is no other
to receive the glory of it all!
Listen to each creature and creation,
unto Him, His Majesty, to call!

And don't just listen, JOIN IN! God did not just create all nature to praise Him, He wants us to do so, as well! Whatever 'disaster' you think hinders you from worshipping Him, don't let it! He is very well aware of it, also!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


"Thank God that it is Friday?"
How painful is the sound!
How far away is Sunday?
...and still, the insults pound!
The avenue of punishment--
He bore the total route;
in ignorance I shout!

So blinded by mine anger,
I cannot see the peace...
Incited by authorities,
all reasoning to cease;
Do I want to see the truth,
or blend in with the crowd?
He glances deep into my eyes
amid the tumult loud.
Time, itself, then freezes:
I only see His face;
they march Him on, beating, yelling,
as i learn of grace.
I see Him as I never have,
His words and deeds cut deep;
how can I face my life now with
the life anew I keep?

At last I understand
command beyond "demand."
This avenue was planned:
my will has been "unmanned."
But Sunday is ahead!
Enough blood has been shed.
Cling to what He said
as chains of death are shed!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beyond Distractions

"Father, forgive my blindness! Rather, focus me on that which really matters:"

Creator on the back of the creation--
how many be aware of such event?
Those in adoration shout "HOSANNA!!"
But for ALL of man was Jesus sent!
Knowing of the path that is before Him,
purposing our better, nonetheless:
the vilest of treatment of the Greatest
to become the greatest way to bless?

All of Scripture in one week fulfilling...
all of life to pinnacle in One!
Even time eternal taking notice:
Father God, Holy Spirit, Son!

Creator even yet amongst creation,
being, still, the One and only Way.
Reaching, calling, loving and forgiving-
visible to ALL who may survey!
Above, below and inside ALL of living-
such proof, out of the tomb to culminate!
"Reveal it all afresh unto Your people
as Your Holy Week we celebrate!"

So very wonderful, the events that we devise for this "season," but may the truth of Easter be more than "seasonal" in your life.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Carnage? Failure? Violence? Purpose? Death? Life?
What do you see looking at Calvary?

A hammer and a spike—
my gluttony to cleanse;
to do the same upon my own,
no way to make amends!

Three nails and a Cross—
my rue to overcome;
the total of its benefits—
impossible to sum!

The ugliest of tree—
such beauty to contain;
die before its Occupant—
eternal life to gain!

The ghastliest of deaths,
the ultimate results;
temporary Occupant
bearing all insults!

All shame, though, overcoming—
all victory to bring
to all and everyone proclaiming
Jesus Lord and King!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Only a song? The song has been around for centuries, but the product has been since time began...whenever that was! O sing the words as long as possible, for they are priceless! But reside in the grace forever, for it is timeless...

Amazing Grace, my canopy,
my covering, my shield!
In Jesus Christ alone, mine only
self to be revealed!
Disgusting as I am, yet
grace abundant to embrace;
imperfect as I am--Perfection
gazes in my face!
Deeper than a fleeting glance...
more than 'just a look...'
a contemplation of pure love
from Him Who, my sins, took!
Him Who bore my wickedness,
refusal and abuse,
has wrapped Himself around my life
and I cannot get loose!!

Amazing grace, amazing sight?
But more than vision may delight!
Deeper, aye, than surface be
should be that grace to such as we!
But seen and felt and even heard
in thought, in deed, in very word!
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound:
abundant life for to abound!

No matter how long I live, no matter how long I will live, God's grace will ever amaze! He gives His very best unto the very worst! Will ever I understand?

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Driving…driving…driving…’nothing’ in sight? It depends on what you are looking for…

Through the miles of ‘nothing,’
how many understand?
Where others may see ‘nothing,’
I see my Father’s hand!

His handiwork abounding,
so very blessed am I!
So easy on the eye, it causes
life to glorify!

As I stare at ‘nothing’
He reveals everything
in ways that cause my body, soul
and spirit for to sing!
A song that not a thing prevents,
a song that is inspired;
singing of His majesty—
but never I be tired!

Singing about ‘nothing’ unto
everything at all!
He hears mine every utterance,
I hearken to His call!
He is all of life, dependant
on not any sight,
oh, and in His majesty
is vision to delight!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


"Father, You are greater than disaster--
You exist when everything is gone!
Above and in the storm, You are the Master;
the very same You ride, You ride upon!
There is none like You, so high and holy;
of all pain and damage, You're aware.
We commit our trust unto You wholly,
and cast on You each stress and every care!"

God is not merely the Maker and Creator, He is also shield and sanctuary! Are you going through something that NOBODY else understands? Are you going through something that NOBODY else has ever been through before? God has been there, and He is right there with you now. Acknowledge Him, welcome Him, follow Him! He knows the way...and the way out! Trust Him!
You have doubts about Him? Tell Him! He can handle the truth! He knows your doubts already! The Word says to "...taste and see that the Lord is good." Change that to " and see that the Lord is faithful!" He will not let you down.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Here we go again...
Same old story? Same old pain? What does it mean? So many are the naysayers poised to point out that "If your God is so real, this would not have happened!"
Yet to them I say "Say on..."
Nothing they can do or say will affect my trust and relationship with my Lord and God!
I had a seizure yesterday and fell backwards, head first, onto the driveway! (Fortunately, the concrete broke my fall!) Such is but a part of life in this household. However, a greater part of life here is the Presence of God. And, in spite of the pain and damage, I am still able to say...

"Back down into humanness,"
once again allowed?
"In the twinkling of an eye"
I slip off of the cloud.
I wait now for my healing;
the Healer, though, I know,
and, back into His willing arms,
so rapidly I go!

I look into His loving eyes,
He praises my attempt;
reminding me that, from this life,
I am not yet exempt,
then reassuring me that He
is present through it all.
Oh so precious, His embrace
to them that heed His call!

Back down into humanness--
I am not alone!
In the shadows of this valley
is His Presence known!
Mine escort in the injury,
mine escort through the pain;
my Healer and Deliverer,
my living to contain!

Never, ever give up! Yes, I know it hurts. Yesterday proved that, (and it still hurts today!) But I am not alone.