Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where are You?!

Ever have one of those moments where it appears that God is nowhere to be found? How about when you think He is nowhere to be found?
Have you learned the truth yet?

Where are You when I cannot feel?
Even then are You so real!
Though You seem a world away,
You respond whenever I pray.

You are more perfect than emotion.
Your love is deeper than the ocean.
I plunge me with abandon thence,
and healing is my recompense!
The currents of Your healing blood,
to overtake me as a flood
and I emerge another man
according to Your perfect plan!

Where are You when I cannot feel?
But faith, Your Presence, to reveal!
And never is my life alone—
My Father, Son and Spirit known.

No matter what you see, think or feel, God is real and right there beside you! Lean on Him.

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