Sunday, March 8, 2009

Restless Streams

Walk with me...yes.
Hear that sound?

In streams that are not satisfied
I cast mine every thought.
They vocalize unto the heart
"Release what has been fought."
They laugh about the victory
they liberally enjoy,
as their verse invites all life,
refreshing, to employ.

Streams that are not satisfied
roll on their merry way,
inviting all of living to
join in with them and play!
Casting all upon the water
knowing of the waves,
releasing blessing ever flowing...
freezing what enslaves!

Streams that are not satisfied
say so much to the hearing:
a source of restoration they
unto the persevering;
Living Water reminiscent
Jesus Christ alive--
take in the Living Water to
successfully arrive!

Every one of us has opportune to slow down and savor a living moment to partake of That Water.
Do so very often!

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