Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring in sight

Open your eyes...
Smell the essence of the breeze...

Fullness of the season now in vision,
echoes of the past to disappear!
Essence of the blossoms in the whisper,
to the senses now so very clear!
Restored is the desire for the garden,
those upon the wing sing of it, too!
They sing about it in the early hours,
the essence of it populates the dew!

How wonderful, the many signs of newness,
oh so welcome are the very same!
As each and every one gets recognition,
adoration goes unto His Name!
Father God, Creator of creation--
omnipresent be His autograph!
Drawn into this living are His children,
as He invites each one to live and laugh!

Laugh with me in celebration, won't you? His order is so awesome. Can you see it?

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