Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Again, life happens. And again, our reaction helps determine the severity or quality of such.

As you recall, there was an ice storm here two months ago. It was a first for this writer, and the following words were penned in the candlelight in the wake of that storm. They may not be the typical reaction during such, but it "...rains on the just and the unjust," and God was surely present!

"Praise the Name of Jesus..."
Oh, so beautiful to say!
The glory of His majesty
remains beyond the day!
The fellowship of His great love
is far beyond the sight;
in the Presence of Him, oh,
the heart and soul delight!

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" oh,
there is no other Lord!
Master, Savior, Healer--holy,
righteous and adored!
Merciful, beautiful
to see, to hear, to feel;
the Name of Jesus-- unto all
my senses to appeal!

Praise the Name of Jesus, He is
worthy of all praise!
Worthy of all time, attention,
ever and always!
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, oh
so wonderful, so real!
Son of God, God the Son--
I see...I hear...I feel!

What do you see, hear and feel during such events?
Look closer...

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