Monday, March 9, 2009


There it is! You can hear it.
Be can feel it.
Even a few days early.

Upon the remnants of the season
frolic wings of life!
Proof of living of the past
upon the land be rife!
Lay aside the burden, take
a moment off from strife.

Creator God creating--
listen, look and laugh!
Singers on the breeze composing
winter's epitaph!
Give time its requirement
to know the scope in full;
you know what it requires, deep
within you feel its pull!

Let not a thing embezzle you
from knowing life anew!
From the sun upon the rise
to glistening of dew...
Creator God creating for
the benefit of all--
invest the moment that it takes
for YOU to hear His call!

Do whatever it takes to experience life anew as He makes it for us!

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