Friday, March 13, 2009

The Presence of God.
Is it only a place? Must one go there?
Is it possible that His Presence could be a constancy?
It is more than mere possibility!
Discover it. It is wonderful!

So intense, the Presence of God,
much more than even living!
He is so constantly anew,
He just keeps on giving!
When all else seems to fail, when
all others can't be found,
there is God, in true success,
His Presence to abound!
All and everything intense,
and so much, much more,
belonging to a Father Whose love
always to restore!
Can the poet even grasp
the scale of the same?
But, even then, His Presence to
defy all metered claim!

He is available to be known, but He refuses to be limited to our way of thinking! The more you know Him, the more He becomes! Try Him!

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