Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Power in Numbers

What a blessing to be in a place where all are in one accord! Have you been there?
Each Tuesday morning, I meet with 20-30 "Promise Keepers." We meet at a different church each week. We leave our denominational cloak at the door and enter in equal, grateful, and needy. God always meets us there. And this morning the Holy Spirit said

In a place where God resides,
a Presence oh so real!
Not a thing to mute His voice,
no thing to conceal!
Visible in every face,
heard in every voice...
come together in accord,
listen and rejoice.

Oh, precious His residing place--
all glory to His Name!
So evident, the glory cloud,
His Majesty proclaim!
Life in all abundance, even
life beyond this place!
Praise His Name, Omnipotent,
His glory and His grace!

Oh, blessed be the Holy Place,
no greater a retreat!
Escape to it but often,
there be made complete!
Such power there in number:
the Three of God and you:
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit--
every day anew!

Do you have such a place to escape to? Do you know that power in number? You must find that intimate place where you can share the heart with those of like faith! For there resides edification, restoration and empowering!
Find that place and be there often!

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