Saturday, March 7, 2009


Death become now impotent
by life that cannot fail!
The same life, unto the yielded
heart does He avail!
The grave, itself, be overcome
and fear is obsolete
all in the Name of Jesus Christ--
so powerful, so sweet!

No other Name but Jesus--
to time is He immune!
Even so, come quickly!
Soon and very soon!!
The life of Him within us,
His blessings all abounding!
We look not to the end but listen
for that Trumpet sounding!

Death be yet a transport to
where living has no end!
Those alive inside the Blood,
we're waiting to ascend!!
With a servant's heart until
He splits apart the sky!
Until that moment, to His business,
shall we occupy!!

Is such the echo of your heart? It can be! Give your heart to Him today!

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