Saturday, March 21, 2009

Perfect Rest

Ahhh...sweet rest! Do you know it?
But what about when that rest is interrupted?
Such was the case the other night. And though darkness was all around, there was Light. And The Light made me realize

"Lo, the city sleeps,
while peace my Father keeps.
For only in His sight
may any rest alright."

Have you such comfort deep?
It is a gift to reap
from being in His care—
so freely does He share!

His offer yet to stand:
reach out with heart and hand,
your burden will He trade—
serenity be made!
And while you sweetly sleep,
His watch is sure to keep;
His trust—it is secure;
His care—it will endure!

When your rest is absent, look around...listen...feel His Presence. He is right there with you!

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