Saturday, March 21, 2009

Greater Than...

...yes, that's God!
But He is not so great that He turns His back on us when everyone else does.
Not so great that He turns His back on us when He should!
No, He loves us more than humanly possible...

O greater than my humanness—
Creator of the same!
Divinity and holiness
do You allow me claim!
You see the limits of this man
and love me anyhow;
to minister unto this man
You make a solemn vow!

O greater than my humanness,
You are so good to me.
In spite of that before my eyes,
You cause this man to see!
And greater be the vision that
You cause my sight to know,
as a glimpse of glory You
so mercifully bestow!

O greater than all humanness,
You give to us Your all.
So very fortunate, the ones
responding to Your call.
How long until Your offer is
rescinded and for all?
But make us ever sensitive,
til then, to such a call!

Not only is He greater than we are, He gives us the opportunity to assist Him in that which is beyond our ability: reaching others!
We are so blessed!

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