Thursday, March 19, 2009


"You narrow-minded fool!"
Yes, I have heard it many times.
Foremost, for believing that Jesus is the Only Way.
The last time I said that in a devotional, several readers asked to be dropped from the mailing list. How about you?

Awesome and majestic...
can we see at all?
The glory and the splendor,
oh, listen to Him call!
More beautiful than vision,
more wonderful than sound:
the spectacle of Jesus,
more than any senses found!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus--
not any other Name!
All of time and then beyond,
His Majesty proclaim!
Even greater than said limit
ever could contain!
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, oh,
His glory be our gain!

And foolish shall I ever be for Him!
How about you?


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