Friday, March 27, 2009

First & Early

"Good day to you!"
Is it? Where did you start this day?
I always find that whatever my day contains, it goes better when I start it with Jesus...all alone...even if it is only Him speaking and me listening. Hmmm...ESPECIALLY when it is Him speaking and me being silent!!

In the first and early,
oh, the Secret Place!
Present in abundance:
mercy, love and grace!
I bring without reserve
what is good and He requires,
I am greeted in this place
by greater than 'desires!'

He wants me to do justly,
each and all my days;
to love His tender mercies
and make them all my ways;
to walk with Him so humbly,
avoiding sacrifice:
to tender pure obedience--
be it too great a price?

Oh, the first and early-
the Four of Us alone.
Remind me of no other time
while Holiness is known!
Too soon to be the moments
temporarily apart,
but NEVER be a moment
disconnected at the heart!!

I plagiarized these words from Micah 6:6-8. Though I know that I cannot out-give God, nor can I top the gifts that He brings, I must give Him time, and simply obey Him!
I am a very wealthy man!

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